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Lacivert Restaurant


A supremely lacivert (dark blue) sea that accompanies the most romantic sight of the Bosphorus




During the sunset…


                                   During the day…


                                               During special times …


Eminent flavours of the Mediterranean Cuisine who has been the symbol of abundance and fertility for centuries, is being integrated with the most romantic sight of Bosphorus. Lacivert Restaurant is furnishing services since 1999 in a historical waterside mansion at the Bosphorus, at a spectacular quay during summer months, in cosy saloons with windows that hold the scene with their new designs during the winter months.


Today, this historical twin waterside mansion at the Anatolian Fortress that is integrated with “Lacivert Restaurant”, is a venue that most of us is familiar with. This mansion has hosted several black and white or coloured Yeşilçam movies in the previous years. From Türkan Şoray to Filiz Akın, Yılmaz Güney to Tarık Akan, several famous artists have performed in movies that are filmed in this mansion.


Lacivert Restaurant is the work of two artist partners; Fehmi Yaşar and Önder Köse. Önder Köse who is a photograph artist, is liable for the administration of the venue at the same time.


It is a venue that is open throughout the year with its menu that varies according to the season. Its large garden where green and blue meet, brings all of the beauties of the Bosphorus starting from spring months. The service starts at noon hours and continues till late night. Quay bar is a romantic option for the aperitifs during the sunset hours. The music that DJ Canan has prepared particularly for Lacivert, integrates the ambiance throughout the day.


The kitchen of Lacivert is under the management of Executive Chef Hüseyin Ceylan since the first day. Young, dynamic, experienced team is assigned at the saloons; the head of the team is Cüneyt Yılmaz, Restaurant Chief.


In addition to presenting the refined flavours of healthy Mediterranean Cuisine,  Lacivert Restaurant attaches a distinctive importance to Turkish Cuisine as well. We are keeping the flavours that are among the classics of our cuisines, in the forefront of each new menu. We are injecting a brand new dynamism our kitchen team by inviting foreign chefs to our kitchen from time to time and thus, we are giving opportunity to brand new experiences that may be a benefit for the Turkish cuisine.


We will celebrate the 10th year of Lacivert Restaurant altogether next year. We are working to protect and develop the characteristics that carried Lacivert who has become a “Bosphorus classic”, to the level of one of the 10 Top Restaurants of Istanbul.





Lacivert is always open to new projects!


Lacivert is established in 1999. It has a history of nine years. We have worked very hard by keeping in mind that it is a very hard business to make permanent works at the catering sector in Turkey. Today, Lacivert is being regarded among the top 10 venues of Istanbul and it has been a long time since it has proved that it is lasting. All of our employees, some of whom are together with us since our establishment, and particularly our kitchen team that is under the management of Executive Chef Hüseyin Ceylan, has a huge part in this.


The main character of the menu of Lacivert Restaurant is composed of  Mediterranean Cuisine. We have flavours that are originated from Mediterranean, mainly from Turkey in the Mediterranean, particular from the Bosphorus in Turkey. As Lacivert, we are taking major steps to develop our “kitchen” and to open it to innovations and various experiences in the last three years. This effort has the purpose to serve both to our guests and Turkish Cuisine in a better way.


The first step of new experiences is taken in 2005. Chef Cristian Plumail who is also the owner of a known restaurant that carries his name, with Michelin star in France-Nice, has worked with our Chef Hüseyin Ceylan at his restaurant in Nice for a week. Then  we have hosted Mr. Plumail in our own kitchen at Lacivert and we have arranged a gala dinner that was open to both to our guests and media.


We have invited yet another Mediterranean to Lacivert, the well-known Chef Miguel Sanchez Romera who has an award winning restaurant titled L’Esguard near Spain-Barcelona. Chef Romera has worked with our kitchen team for a week. He had prepared a special menu and then we have arranged a gala dinner that was open to both to our guests and media again.


Our purpose was a little different in 2007. We wanted our Chef Hüseyin Ceylan to share the experiences that he has experienced with the Mediterranean chefs. Our choice was Cristian Plumail from this perspective again. This was because the Provence cuisine, of whom Plumail is the master, is very close to the style of Hüseyin Ceylan, as well as this master chef who has a Michelin star, was showing spectacular approach towards “sharing the same cuisine with another master chef”…


The characteristic of this work that is crowned with a menu under the heading of “Duet of two chefs”, is the interpretation of the flavours that belong to the Turkish Cuisine by being strained from the Provence cuisine traditions of France-Nice. Hüseyin Ceylan and Cristian Plumail have worked together, created together and served in the same plate. We believe that this cooperation whom we have obtained lots of benefits as Lacivert, has made a huge benefit to the Turkish Cuisine.


Our journey shall continue with new projects. Bon appetite to everyone.


Cumhuriyet Caddesi Selbasi Sokak No:6 Harbiye - Sisli / Istanbul
Phone : +90 212 233 11 85 Fax: +90 212 233 11 87
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Tursab Licence Nr. A-6202